Returning products

I am in possession of the home beauty devices that I ordered. Can I return them?

Before you decide to purchase any product from the online store, please make sure that it is suitable for you. Please do call us if you are unsure about your choice; we will be happy to help. Always call us at 210.6140058 when you have received a device so that our qualified staff can help you learn how to properly use the device in order to get the best possible results. If, however, you place an order and the product you receive is defective or not the one you have ordered, please contact us so that we may see how you can return it.


we recommend that you keep the packaging of any product you purchase, be it from us or any other store, for at least a week after you have received them.

What are the Conditions for Product Returns?

No product shall be returned past 15 days since its receipt. You may submit a request for return within the first 15 from the date you received the product – these 15 days are calendar days, not working days.
No product shall be returned if its packaging has been opened and it is not in its default (factory) condition.

How can I return a product?
Please contact us in order to submit a request for return of the product.

Who bears the costs of product returns?
The buyer bears the full cost of product return.

May I send the product back in a different way than how I received it?
NO, you may not. The product must be sent back in the same way as it was received.

Is it possible that my product return be refused?

YES, product returns may be refused in cases such as the following:

The product is not defective.
The reasons the buyer cited for its return do not apply.
There is no accompanying letter citing the reasons for its return.

What about the sum I paid to purchase the product?

You will be fully reimbursed for the returned product, or you may use the sum you paid for the returned product for future purchases from our store, if you so wish, depending on the type of product. We need to be notified on the aforementioned via a written letter, signed by the buyer at the time of the return..

If you find the information given here insufficient or you need further clarification, please call us at (+44) 2031 294310

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