Toned body & abs

Six Pad ABS! Revolution in the specialized strengthening of muscles of the whole body, namely abs, arms, chest, buttocks and thighs with third generation EMC technology. Global innovation for an instant result in the comfort of your home. 12 minutes of use … correspond to 180 minutes of intense exercise!



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Toned body & abs

Targeted use of alternate muscle stimulation programmes for tightening, increasing endurance, strength and improving physique, of a total 20-minute duration.
Burn your belly fat with one-month use and get your abs ripped forever. A new way of a breakthrough training that has become extremely successful all over the world in the past two years.

Olympic champions, celebrities, footballers, Formula 1 drivers have made it fashionable.

Provides strength and tightening of muscles through multiple different light pulse vibrations of low frequency that are transmitted to the body and achieve the final result.


  • Toned abs, firmness, endurance, strength, increase and physique improvement.
  • Tightening of the thighs and arms and buttock lift.
  • Lipolysis for immediate and highly effective weight loss
  • Fighting 2nd degree cellulitis
  • Reducing skin flaccidity
  • Improving arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation
  • Increasing metabolic activity
  • Easy to use at home
  • Suitable for buttocks, legs, waist, abdomen, arms
  • At the same time it offers spectacular facial firming results in minimum time and especially painlessly and safely

“Clinical studies show that after 20 days of use, a reduction by 40-45% of the adipose tissue of the treated area is achieved”.

The peculiarity of these pulse trains is that they affect the muscle origin and insertion by actually and effectively activating them and by providing appropriate timed vibrations. Muscle contractions are stronger and much more intense compared to individual voluntary exercise. During use, 90% of all muscles are activated sequentially by EVERY contraction. In addition, muscle contractions are stronger and much more intense compared to individual voluntary exercise. Compared to conventional weight training, the deeper muscles are activated here, leading to better inner muscle synchronization. Based on these scientifically proven data, you can have major results in less time.

5-12 minutes of use.....correspond to 180 minutes of intense exercise!

6.What is the training procedure?

Select 6 programmes of a 12-minute duration per use.
  • Activation of metabolism,
  • Fat burn
  • Electrostimulation for firmness
  • Endurance, strength increase
  • Body shape
  • and the final stage concerns whole- body recovery

The 10-level adjustable intensity should be set at the appropriate level, depending on our fitness and endurance. IMMEDIATE BENEFIT: using for 12 minutes 3-4 times a week:

Toned abs, firmness, endurance, strength 100%
Tightening of the thighs and arms and buttock lift. 99%
Fighting 2nd degree cellulitis 99%