PEEL Skin Spa


Peel Skin Spa Face Cleansing

Peel Skin Spa Elixir of Beauty for excellent skin repair with the revolutionary 3rd Ultrasound Peeling + Ion tech + Lift effect combination. It cleanses deeply your skin, removes dead cells by offering immediate skin regeneration.




Dermatological cleansing at home.

Enjoy the luxury of beautiful, velvety skin without unwanted spots and acne with the dermatologically guaranteed BΗC pulsed light home appliance.

Ranked as the no1 innovative trend in Cosmoprof’ s largest global beauty exhibition for 2018.  From today you can have the top professional facial cleansing system for home use.
Proper anti-aging care begins with a really clean face. 

From today you can achieve that using the top dual action device for dermatological cleansing and anti-aging. It’s the ideal solution to sun damage for a bright and clean face without spots or acne scars.Triple action with continuous and vibrating ultrasound waves

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Triple action with continuous and vibrating ultrasound waves

PEEL SKIN SPA is a specialized 3-function dermabrasion device. The Peeling Function that uses Continuous Ultrasound Waves removing dead cells and stimulating fibroblasts to produce elastin, resulting in skin revitalization.

This deep cleansing and scrubbing process removes sebum from pores, dirt and makeup remnants, leaving the skin clean and shiny. Lifting Mode uses Vibrating Ultrasound Waves to increase skin permeability, helping cream or treatment lotion better absorption.

Ultrasonic waves increase circulation and enhance collagen production, reducing fine lines and facial wrinkles. The iontophoretic mode with positive and negative ions cleans the skin removing dirt from the its deeper layers, while increasing cell oxygenation and boosting free radical growth.


Using regularly once a week on your face, neck and décolletage, you will not only feel your skin smooth and clean but it will also be bright, youthful and refreshed. With PEEL SKIN SPA you can get professional results regarding your face care in the privacy of your home and at low cost!

It incorporates: skin scraping functions and absorption characteristics that improve the texture of the face and clean the pores removing dirt from them. Your pores will become small and soft and your skin soft and balanced.

The skin becomes denser and more energized, i.e. “reconstructed”, bright and youthful.

Its Benefits for your skin are multiple:

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Regenerates skin by 91%
  • Helps create new and healthy skin cells
  • Helps prevent spots and skin discolorations
  • Helps reduce acne and scars
  • Improves the performance of skin care products

Packaging contains:

PEEL Skin Spa

Loved by 32,000+ happy customers

  • 1 Premium Device PEEL Skin Spa
  • USB Caple
  • CE
  • Detailed instructions for use in English
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


Removes dead skin cells
Helps create new and healthy skin cells
Helps reduce acne and scars