MASTER Photolysis


MASTER PHOTOLYSIS 4-generation technology

For permanent face and body hair removal.
EXCLUSIVE: Your hair growth can quickly and painlessly be reduced by 70% in your own space by using this method 5 to 6 times.
INNOVATION: Ultimate hair removal solution with removable head 50,000 flash enough for a permanent hair removal for 2 people.



Hair removal Photolysis

Enjoy the luxury of beautiful, velvety skin without unwanted hair growth with the dermatologically guaranteed pulsed light BΗC photolysis.

The MASTER PHOTOLYSIS appliance is programmed to adjust the light emission according to the skin phototype, the size and colour of the hair that we want to remove.

In this way it removes hair safely and effectively even in the most sensitive areas with a 100% success rate.
Hair removal is completely safe and painless as the device is equipped with a sophisticated cooling mechanism that protects the skin by making hair removal absolutely painless.

The 50,000 flash autonomy is a great advantage for both women and men because they can now remove their body hair if they want a “full body” hair removal and not just on some parts of the body, e.g. just face, without worrying whether the flash are adequate (The 50,000 flash are equivalent to a permanent hair removal for 2 people). Now, in the comfort of your home, without any pain, hair removal becomes an easy process.


  • For Women: face, arms, legs, armpits and bikinis
  • Maximum application speed: full body hair removal session (feet, arms, armpits, bikini & face) in 20″ Minutes
  • 50.000 flash
  • XXL light covering a 3.1 cm² skin area
  • State-of-the-art light technology (pulsed light) used by dermatologists for professional hair removal
  • A patent and clinically tested appliance recommended by doctors as well
  • Suitable for almost all skin types (except the extremely dark skin)
  • Suitable for almost all hair types and colors (except downy or white hair)
  • Head with built-in ultraviolet filter, which blocks 100% of ultraviolet rays
  • Complete safety with skin contact sensor
  • Easy and safe to use at home

The MASTER PHOTOLYSIS appliance is programmed to adjust the light emission according to the skin phototype, the size and colour of the hair that we want to remove.

APPLIANCE DESCRIPTION: The innovative device is ergonomically designed, light and small-sized, offering a perfect handling. The pulsed light diffuses through a crystal, which covers a 3.1 cm² skin area. The device is designed to minimize the risk of error.

HOW TO USE: Its use is an easy and fast process. For areas that are small and require more attention such as the face, the armpit and the bikini we use the device pressing the button every time. For large areas such as arms, legs or back in the case of men, there is a special scanning system where one button push is enough and the area is automatically scanned without having to push the button again.

TIME OF USE: In this way the maximum use speed is achieved since a full body & facial hair removal session is completed in 20 minutes.

SAFETY: Complete safety with a skin contact sensor that does not permit session run if there is no proper contact with the skin. 

EFFECT: Quickly and painlessly in your own space after 3 to 4 therapies the unwanted hair growth can be reduced by over 50%. And after a number of additional uses we will get to permanent hair removal.


  • Master photolysis - Premium device
  • 1 detachable epilation head with 50,000 flash range of action per use
  • Ultraviolet filter
  • Instructions for use in English
  • CE
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Voltage: 50-60 Hz
  • Exit Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Light source: Xenon lamp
  • Light Power: 5 J/cm ²