ACTIVE Skin Revival


Face Tightening

The leading anti-aging technology now available in a mini version for home use.
Offers tightening, wrinkle smoothing and skin regeneration in record time.
Ideal for weary skin and intense wrinkles.




BHCLINIC presents the new ACTIVE SKIN REVIVAL Anti-Aging Face Device for Wrinkle smoothing and tightening exclusively in UK.

It is the new, sophisticated form of the well-known revolutionary method based on 3 technologies: Radio Frequencies – EMS – Photoregeneration but in a home use version. It offers spectacular instant face tightening results painlessly and safely.


The device uses patent muscle stimulation to deeply activate and lift your face muscles, offering you a more youthful face look in just 10 minutes. The facial muscles are directly attached to the skin.

That is why when the facial muscles begin to worsen with age, they lose the ability to support the skin, causing then wrinkles, and flaccidity.


Radiofrequencies have been officially recognized as non-surgical epidermal tightening therapy. When applied to the skin it delivers very deeply controlled heat to the tissues where the collagen fibers are located.

Mild heat damage caused to fibers and connective tissues activates collagen production and multiplication. As a result, it tightens and improves the shape of your body, but also increases firmness of your face.


The clinically approved sensor is activated when the device comes into contact with the skin, creating a warm sensation, enhancing blood circulation and increasing its regenerative capacity.

Its Benefits for your skin are multiple:

  • Immediate wrinkle smoothing, collagen increase and face & neck tightening
  • Skin hydration increases by 78% in the first 4 uses
  • Deep skin regeneration of the face
  • Safe and particularly easy to use, tightens and moisturizes the skin
  • Specialized facial anti-aging programmes depending on your skin type

The leading anti-aging technology now available in a mini version for home use.

  • Improved blood circulation and skin appearance within a few weeks
  • Produces vibrations which penetrate your skin and in this way stimulates the various layers of the skin. The vibrations reach the deep layers, make them more permeable and delivers specialized anti-aging products at the same time offering tightening as well as the necessary moisture in those deeper areas
  • Boosts metabolism and detoxification system
  • The treatment has a positive effect on the lymphatic system. Your cells regenerate faster. These factors together can improve the overall look of your skin and make you look younger
  • Easy to use at home

Packaging contains:

ACTIVE Skin Revival

40,000+ Happy customers

  • Detailed instructions for use in English
  • CE
  • 1 Year guarantee